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Procedures for Motion Picture/Video/Film or Photography of The University of Alabama Campus

The UA campus may occasionally be used (on a limited basis) for filming projects, including television shows, movies, commercials, documentaries, photo shoots, etc., as long as it does not interfere with the University’s primary educational mission and necessary daily functions.

These operating procedures have been developed to clarify under what circumstances the University, University-owned properties and University-owned buildings may be used as a location for videos, films or photography. All decisions to allow filming/videotaping/photographing (henceforth referred to as film/filming) of UA’s main campus, University-owned lands or University-owned buildings (henceforth referred to as UA) will be made by the Division of Strategic Communications in consultation with other UA administrators.


All entities, whether employed by UA or not, wishing to film at UA must follow these procedures in order to obtain a Permit for Filming, Videotaping or Photographing, and/or a Location Agreement, and/or a Grounds Use Permit, and/or a UAS Registration.

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NEED FOR THESE PROCEDURES: The University of Alabama has become a highly sought-after location for filming and photographing. As a result, procedures are necessary to coordinate these events in an effort to curtail potential logistical problems, mitigate security/safety risks, protect privacy rights and ensure the final production is appropriate and protective of the intrinsic value of the UA brand and consistent with the University’s best interest.


A. Working Media

These procedures do not apply to members of the media who are at UA to produce stories that will be published in a newspaper/magazine/website or on a news broadcast. However, news organizations who wish to film or photograph on campus for special projects, such as documentaries, should follow the procedures to guarantee they will get the video or photographs needed for their project. Media requesting permission to use an unmanned aircraft system on campus must follow the procedures listed at this link for non-affiliated persons wishing to film on campus.

B. Filming Inside UA Athletic Venues

All filming inside the following UA athletic venues must be coordinated with UA’s Athletic Communications Office by emailing Athletic Communications will advise the producer on whether contact with Strategic Communications needs to be made.

  • Bryant-Denny Stadium
  • Coleman Coliseum
  • Rhoads Stadium
  • Sewell-Thomas Stadium
  • Foster Auditorium
  • Harry Pritchett Running Park
  • Thomas-Drew Practice Fields
  • Hank Crisp Indoor Facility
  • Alabama Strength & Conditioning Complex
  • Gymnastics Facilities
  • UA Soccer Complex
  • Alabama Aquatics Center
  • The University of Alabama Tennis Stadium
  • Roberta Alison Baumgardner Tennis Facility
  • Sam Bailey Track and Field Stadium
  • The Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility


Questions about filming at UA or these procedures should be directed to Stephanie Pettis, Associate Director of Communications, at

The University reserves the right to change these policies and procedures at any time to protect the best interest of the University.