The University of Alabama owns the Internet domain and assigns subdomain addresses to initiatives and organizations that advance its interests and support its missions of teaching, research and service. subdomains confer a core affiliation with the University. The University has the right to protect its name and use in all situations. The Division of Strategic Communications administers and regulates the domain.

Subdomain URLs will only be granted to the following:

  • A recognized title or reasonable abbreviation of a University unit or non-course academic initiative. 
  • A University-wide service.
  • A University campaign or other high-level marketing or public awareness initiative.

Exceptions to these guidelines may be granted provided the requested name does not conflict with any University policies/guidelines University interest as determined by Strategic Communications.

Mutilevel subdomains, Subdomains beneath an already existing top-level (ex.,,, are not subject to the approval process. 
The University is not currently issuing new top-level subdomain to student organizations.
The following request form is for approval of the subdomain name only. Webspace must be requested through the OIT Help Desk.
Request a Subdomain