Campus Calendar

Campus Calendar

The University of Alabama is a happening place. And UA’s campus calendar is the best place to keep up with everything that’s happening. The Campus Calendar uses the powerful Localist Community Events platform to make exploring and sharing events with the campus community simple and effective.

From our legendary athletics events and distinguished guest lectures to orientation sessions and academic deadlines, the Campus Calendar can amplify your event’s reach.

Calendar Support

Fill out a support request form for help with:

  • Editing an event
  • Adding/Editing a Department or Group
  • Bulk Event Uploads
  • Adding or removing tags
  • Other questions

Focus on what matters to you

The Campus Calendar lets you create your own experience. Follow your college, department, student organization or even specific buildings.

Powerful tagging and search features

Robust tagging and search systems make it easier than ever to find events and dates relevant to your interests and experience on campus.

Open to the campus community

Anyone with valid MyBama credentials can sign-in and submit events, follow organizations, share events and more.

Campus Calendar Guidelines

UA’s calendar is for events hosted, organized, or sponsored by one or more UA units, offices, departments, schools, colleges, and alumni groups. Student organizations must use the Division of Student Life’s Engage Events Calendar to submit events.

The UA events calendar does not accept event postings from non-university entities intending to promote local events without a direct tie to UA. Non-university entities are encouraged to submit events to VisitTuscaloosa’s Calendar of Events.

How to Submit an Event

Events can be submitted by using the calendar event creation form. The event name, description and date are the only required fields. We encourage you to enter as much information as possible to increase your event’s reach and make the event’s landing page more robust.

Events submitted by users are reviewed by Strategic Communications. Events may take up to 2 business days to be approved. Once an event is approved it will appear on the calendar instantly and you will receive an email notifying you of its approval.

Events you submit are able to be edited at any time. Be aware that editing an event sends it back to the pending queue to be reviewed.

To ensure maximum exposure for your events, please submit events at least two weeks before the date of the event.

Event Eligibility Examples

Eligible Events

  • Special academic lectures or guest lectures open to the campus community
  • Career fairs on campus or sponsored by a UA unit
  • Admissions events and information sessions
  • UA athletic and club sport events
  • Department open houses
  • UA music and theater performances

Ineligible Events

  • Non-university social gatherings
  • Closed office/departmental/organization/committee meetings
  • Sales or special events by local businesses
  • Non-university concerts, performances, or sporting events.


Who can post events to the calendar?

Anyone with valid myBama credentials can submit an event for approval.

What kind of events can be posted to the calendar?

Any event organized, hosted, or sponsored by University of Alabama units or groups. Local or regional events with no direct ties to the University will be declined and referred to the events calendar at

How many events can my unit post to the calendar?

There is no limit to how many events can be posted by campus units.

I'm an alumni chapter/group leader, can we post our events to the calendar?

Yes! Our alumni groups and chapters from all over the world are important members of the UA community.

Who manages the calendar?

The calendar is managed by Strategic Communications.

Do event listings expire?

No. Past events are still an important part of telling the University’s story. A rich catalog of past events gives our audiences a comprehensive look at UA’s culture and community.

What is Localist?

Localist is the platform that powers our campus calendar.

My unit is technically not a "department." Can we use another designation?

No. The calendar platform’s classification is as follows:

  • Departments – Official internal units.
  • Groups – Student/faculty/staff organizations, greek organizations, councils, committees, affinity groups.

There are no other classifications available at this time.

We have a regularly recurring event. Do I have to post each event individually?

No. The calendar allows for recurring events within a single listing.

Do I have to have an image to post with my event?

Images are encouraged, but not required to post an event. If an image is not submitted with an event, the calendar will automatically display a photo of the location or mark of the unit hosting the event based on the information you include in the listing.

Should I tag other units or groups that might be interested or related to my event?

Only tag other units that are co-sponsors of the event. Events that abuse tagging will be declined and sent back to the user for re-submission.

How far in advance should I submit my event?

Events appear immediately upon approval by a calendar admin. We recommend that you submit events as early as possible, and with as much information as possible, to ensure maximum exposure.

I made a change to my event, why is it not showing up in the calendar anymore?

Editing events send them back into the ‘pending’ queue. It may take up to two business days for the changes to be reviewed and approved.

An event for my group is currently on the calendar, why can't I make edits?

The person who submitted the event is designated as the event “owner.” Only that person or calendar admins can make changes. Contact calendar support if an event needs to be reassigned.

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