Three screenshots of different homepage designs for the UA WordPress Theme

The UA WordPress Theme is now available for use by any official unit of The University of Alabama. The theme is based on and the UA Web Templates, and utilizes open-source content management system WordPress to allow efficient development and management of any UA website.

The UA WordPress Theme offers simple setup and customization of a UA-branded website within the admin panel, and includes many prebuilt page templates, objects and formats to meet almost any need. The theme is designed to be easy to use for technical or non-technical users, and includes extensive documentation and video tutorials. The theme features:

  • The ability to build a modern, responsive UA website without the need to write any code
  • Easy utilization of all UA departmental identifiers in page header
  • Three different UA-branded color schemes
  • Three home page layouts
  • Optional carousel and staff directory functions
  • Shortcode builder
  • Over 15 widgets, such as Events List, Contact Form, Social Tabs, and more

The UA WordPress Theme is available for immediate download and application to a WordPress installation, and includes documentation on how to set up and use the themes to manage a website. If you have questions about WordPress hosting, please contact the IT Service Desk at

Please provide us with a little information about you and your anticipated usage of the themes, so that we can offer assistance if needed and see the result of your project! Thanks for your interest in making the UA web presence a more brand-consistent and functional experience for our audiences.