Three screenshots of example homepages in UA web template styles.

UA-branded web templates based on the design and functionality of the UA Home Page are available for use by any official unit of The University of Alabama. The templates are built on a custom responsive framework based on Bootstrap, and offer many pre-built design and layout options to aid in web development. The framework also ensures maximum flexibility and customization options, and includes all the tools you'll need to build a robust UA website of any size and scope.

UA Web Templates are available for immediate download in a compressed file, which includes all assets, code, features and sample pages needed to build an officially University of Alabama website. The templates are delivered as plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and include extensive documentation on how to use the framework and all of its features.

Please provide us with a little information about you and your anticipated usage of the templates, so that we can offer assistance if needed and see the result of your project! Thanks for your interest in making the UA web presence a more brand-consistent and functional experience for our audiences.