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Name Title Address
Action Card
Courtney Petrizzi Communications Specialist Campus Drive Parking Deck
Advancement – Vice President’s Office
Lindsey Johnson Manager of Donor Experiences Rose Administration G5
Katie McCary Program Coordinator 284 Rose Administration
Alabama Heritage
Rebecca Minder Director Suite 242 McMillan Building
Caroline Gazzara-McKenzie Marketing and Digital Media Manager 202 McMillan Building
Alabama Public Radio
Megan Galaviz Underwriting Account Executive N457 Bryant-Denny Stadium
Alabama Transportation Institute
Bouran Mozayen ATI Research Associate Cyber Hall 3014
Alabama Water Institute
Brock Parker Senior Editor/Writer 1019 Cyber Hall
Irasema Quezada Graphic Designer 1016 Cyber Hall
Zach Krauss Director Research to Operations Communications 1013 Cyber Hall
Alumni Affairs
Edwin Stanton Communications Specialist Alumni Hall
Rhonda Crim Director of Alumni Publications 206 Alumni Hall
Aaron Jordan Director, Athletics Communications 170p Coleman Coliseum
Alex Thompson Assistant Director, Athletics Communications 170 Coleman Coliseum
Kimberly Gibson Assist. Dir. Behavioral Medicine / Community Relations & Institutional Outreach l
Jeffrey B. Hanson Photographer 128 Coleman Coliseum
Jessica Pare Associate Athletics Director, Athletics Comm. 170 Coleman Coliseum
Josh Maxson Assistant AD, Football Communications 1201 Coliseum Drive
Kent Gidley Director of Photography 128 Coleman Coliseum
Nathan Sheehan Assistant Director 170g Coliseum Drive
Athletics-Mktg, Promotions & Trademark Licensing
Paul Mills Asst. Dir. of Trademark Licensing N209 Bryant-Denny Stadium
Bama Dining
Elizabeth Keller Marketing Coordinator 3116 E2
Robin Wells Content Editor 3116 E2
Biological Sciences / Arts & Sciences
Casie Jones Arboretum Office & Grounds Assistant 102 Arboretum
Katie Sandlin Curriculum, Recruitment, & Training Specialist SEC 1335
Blackburn Institute
Kathryn Drago Coordinator of Blackburn Alumni Programs 2400 Student Center
Blount Scholars Programs
Heidi Benstead Program Coordinator Oliver Barnard 202
Bryant Conference Center
Tory Shumpert Marketing Manager 228 Bryant Conference Center
Campus Development/Finance & Operations
Richard Miksi Communications Director / Marketing Manager 220 Ancillary Services Building
Capstone Center for Student Success
Jennifer Roth-Burnette Director, Academic Support 233 Russel Hall
Jonie Threatt Academic Advisor 308 Russel Hall
Kim Vann Tutoring Coordinator 236D Russell Hall
Sarah Jenkins Academic Advisor 312 Russell Hall
Summer Starkie Rawls Coordinator of Academic Coaching 205B Russel Hall
Capstone College of Nursing
Anita Hamlett Director of Development 3007 Capstone College of Nursing
Rosemary Kirby Communications Specialist Capstone College of Nursing Bldg
Capstone International Center
Kimberly Gilbert Sennett Administrative Specialist B.B. Comer Hall
Capstone Village
Jana Smith Director of Sales and Marketing Capstone Village Admin Suite
Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS)
Morgan Kendrick Coordinator of Videography Services 2101 Cyber Hall
Rebecca Royen Marketing & Communications Manager 1042 Cyber Hall
Susan Jasko Interim Deputy Director 2134 Cyber Hall
Zac Head Senior Web Developer Cyber Hall
Center for Community-Based Partnerships
Ed Mullins Dir., Office of Research & Comm. 1126 Capital Hall
Center for Economic Development
Erin Hackenmueller Branding and Communications Development Manager Ford Building 101
Center for Service and Leadership
CJ Parmer Assistant Director of Leadership Programming 1100 Student Center
Judy Bonner Child Development Center
Craig Graves Creative Media Manager 59 Judy Bonner Child Development Center
College of Arts & Sciences
April Gray Web Design Specialist 0004C Math and Science Education Building
Ashlynn McMahan Communications Specialist 302 Clark Hall
Franklin Kennamer Web Editorial Specialist 104 Biology Building
Kellie Hensley Director of College Relations 302 Clark Hall
Lisa Yessick Manager of Digital Content 202 English Building
College of Arts & Sciences/Art and Art History
Rachel Dobson Comm. Specialist/Visual Resources Curator 205B Garland Hall
College of Arts & Sciences/Educ. Technology (eTech)
John Hawkins Director of Web Communications 105 Biology Building
College of Arts & Sciences/English Department
Jamie Ryan Undergraduate Coordinator 107 English Building
Amy Garner Senior Web Developer 104 Biology
College of Communication & Information Sciences
Leah Myers Communications Specialist 102A Reese Phifer Hall
Matthew Barrett Academic Advisor 189 Reese Phifer Hall
Jacob Crawford Assistant Director of Communications 122 Reese Phifer Hall
Janet Walker Director, Creative Services 306 Reese Phifer Hall
Jared George Director, Creative Services/Advertising & PR 305 Reese Phifer Hall
Morgan Johnson Coordinator of Communication and Student Outreach 201 D Reese Phifer Hall
Suzanne Horsley Associate Dean for Communication and Advancement 296 Reese Phifer Hall
College of Community Health Sciences
Kandis Snyder Communications Specialist, External Relations 700 Building
Leslie Zganjar Director of External Relations A-105 School of Medicine
Nicholas Jones Assistant Director A105 School of Medicine
College of Education
Kelcey Sexton Copmmunications Specialist I 101F Carmichael Hall
Carina Larbig Event Coordinator 101F Carmichael Hall
Kelsey Walden Event Coordinator 202 Carmichael Hall
Rebecca Ballard Coordinator, College & Alumni Relations 202 Carmichael Hall
College of Engineering
Anna Claire Toxey Coordinator of External Relations 2022 H.M. Comer Hall
Brinkley Pearce Assistant Director of External Affairs 2025 H.M. Comer Hall
Lisa Sandy Web Master 2023 H M Comer Hall
College of Human Environmental Sciences
Rosemary Klein Communications Specialist 101A Doster Hall
Rebecca Payne Program Assistant – RISE The Stallings Center
Steven Lockhart Web Developer 108 Adam Hall
Communication Studies
Anneliese Bolland Assistant Professor 480 Reese Phifer Hall
Community Affairs
Karyn Bowen Marketing Coordinator 1121 Capital Hall
Crimson Tide Productions
Jackson Colburn Assistant Director Graphic Design
Culverhouse College of Business
Ashley Grammer Academic Advisor/Coordinator 10 Bidgood Hall
Betsey Voorhees MBA Director of Recruiting & Admissions 101 Bidgood Hall
David Bedsole Editorial Content Strategist 468 Alston Hall
Jenni Miesse Marketing Manager, Alabama Entrepreneurship Institute 103 The Edge
Jessica Patterson Digital Content Manager 442 Alston Hall
Katie Howard Senior Graphic Designer 486B Alston Hall
Zach Thomas Director of Communications & Marketing 461 Alston Hall
Culverhouse College of Business Technology Group
Jaclyn Head Web Architect and Instructional Developer 1b Bruno Business Library
Culverhouse College of Business/EMBA Program
Donna Blackburn Director 127 Bidgood Hall
Samantha Vasey Career Consultant 127 Bidgood Hall
Culverhouse/Alabama Center for Real Estate
Cherie Moman Dir. of Educ., Marketing & Communications 1818 University Blvd.
James Benedetto Communications Coordinator 122 Almon Room
CrossingPoints Program
Jeremy Reid Coordinator of Outreach, Independent Living, and Public Relations 1021 Barnes
Dean’s Office College of Human Enviromental Sciences
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Cresandra Smothers Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion-External Engagement 315 Rose Administration Building
Division of Community Affairs
Adeline Ford Strategic Marketing Coordinator
Diane Kennedy-Jackson Publications Coordinator 1120 Capital Hall
Dr. Elisabetta Zengaro Communications Specialist
Division of Student Life
Amy Nichols Director of Communications and External Engagement 1400 Warrior Drive, Cottage 8
Adam Deeb Writer & Web Editor 1400 Warrior Drive, Cottage 8
Christy Moody Associate Director of Communications 1400 Warrior Drive, Cottage 8
Heather Baker Web Developer 123B Mary Burke Hall
Kelsey Atchison Marketing/Communications Manager ……
Savannah Smith Marketing Manager
Victoria Giattina Assistant Director of External Engagement 47 University Support
Education Abroad
Carolina Robinson Director 135 B.B. Comer Hall
Sarah Kidwell Education Abroad Advisor 135 BB Comer
English Language Institute/Capstone International
Amy Taylor Director 101 B.B. Comer Hall
Enterprise Operations
Carol Agomo Director, Administration and Contracts 2012C Fresh Food Company
Holly Grof Dining Services Coordinator 2012M Fresh Food Company
Kristina Patridge Director of Dining Services 2012J Fresh Food Company
Facilities and Grounds
Hillary Foy Coordinator, Grounds Use Permits 214 Facilities Administration Bldg
Finance and Operations
Ashley Olive Executive Director Bryant Conference Center
Carolina Vega Process Improvement Specialist, Business Analytics and Process Improvement 401 Queen City Avenue
Jennifer Clark Institutional Compliance Coordinator 401 Queen City Avenue
Katy Galloway Compliance Coordinator 401 Queen City Avenue
Robert Baxter Director of Analytics 206 Ancillary Services Bldg
First Year Exp. & Retention Initiatives/Student Life
Chelsea Ratcliff Assistant Director 302 Russell Hall
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Kathleen Duffy Executive Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Tut (Patricia) Wilson Executive Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Graduate School
Brittany Richardson IT Specialist IV 100 a Rose Administration
Kaitlynn Beaird Director of Graduate Recrruitment 100 Rose Administration
Honors College
Nancy Norwood Director of College Relations 275 Honors Hall
Katherine Bowman Communications Specialist 276 Honors Hall
Human Resources
Chloe Gooden-Ighabor Training Specialist Latham Building
Rachel Goldsmith Talent Acquisition Specialist I Human Resources Administration
Vyvy Duong Talent Acquisition Specialist Human Resources Administration
International Student & Scholar Services
Bethany Li Sponsored Student and Services Assistant 105 B.B. Comer Hall
Manderson Graduate School of Business – Culverhouse College of Business
April Ingram Director, Specialized Masters & Ph.D. Programs 104 Bidgood
Ashley Coker Program Assistant 101 Bidgood
Jan Jones Direct of Specialized Masters Programs 101 Bidgood
Megan Whitten-Shuler Assistant Director, Executive MBA Program 127 Bidgood
Office of Commercialization and Innovation
Jeffrey Capili Assistant Licensing Associate 166 Rose Administration Bldg.
Office of Disability Services
Brittany Gregg Assistant Director Houser Hall
Lindsey Hughey Assistant Director of Operation 1000 Houser Hall
Vanessa Goepel Director of Disability Services 1000 Houser Hall
Office of Information Technology
Barrett Elder Director of Customer Relations
Camisha Adams Information Technical Specialist IV 102D Ancillary Services Bldg
Jessica Anderson IT Technical Specialist II
Kimberly Smalley Technology Accessibility Specialist A209 Gordon Palmer Hall
Victoria Collins Education and Outreach Coordinator 213a Gordon Palmer Hall
Office of Student Conduct
Paula Perry Associate Director 173 Burke Hall East
Office of Student Media
Jessie Jones Director Student Media 1022
Julie Salter Assistant Director of Advertising Student Media 1001
Office of Teaching Innovation and Digital Education
Addie Grace Alkins Marketing Coordinator 3011 University Hall
Jennifer Hayes Associate Director 228 Bryant Conference Center
Alana Norris Content Coordinator 3114 University Hall
Alyssa Sons Marketing Coordinator UA Online University Hall
Beth Lindly Content Editor 3116-S2 University Hall
Brian Seidman Content Editor 3116 University Hall
Carlie Horn Content Coordinator, UA Online 3107 University Hall
Frank (Joseph) Farrar Marketing Manager 3102 University Hall
Hannah Berman Manager, UA Online Recruitment 3101 University Hall
Jamie Fowler Manager of Alumni & Constituent Relations 3206 University Hall
Jessika White Marketing and Communications Manager 3106 University Hall
Judy Skelton Information Specialist 233 Martha Parham West
Kara Creel Assistant Director of Development 1317 University Hall
Katie Clarke Graphic Designer Senior 3101 University Hall
Ketina Tutton Social Media Specialist 3011 University Hall
Mandy Markham Johnson Director, Marketing and Recruitment, UA Online 3112 University Hall
Michael Nix Assistant Director W323 Martha Parham Hall
Mike Lynskey Marketing Manager 3103 University Hall
Olivia Ann Hodges Marketing and Communications Manager 3101 University Hall
Robert Hayes Associate Provost 3210 University Hall
Shamaria Borden CRM Technical Analyist 1317 University Hall
Susan Brocato CRM Technical Analyist 1322 University Hall
Taylor Clark Communications Specialist niversity Hall
Teri Terry Executive Director of Technology 1314 University Hall
Parent & Family Programs
Alicia Browne Interim Director of Parent and Family Programs 1069 R.E. Witt Student Activity Ctr.
Procurement Services
Heather Hubbard Training Manager 1006 Procurement Services Bldg
Public Safety
Shane Dorrill Director of Public Safety Communications
Research and Economic Development
Keslie Fendley Special Research Programs and Marketing Coordinator 152E Rose Administration Building
Niccole Poole Director of Research Communications 162 Rose Administration Building
Jessica Porter Research Content, Data and Analytics Manager 158B Rose Administration
School of Music
Fanchu Meng Marketing Support Assistant 169 Moody Music Building
School of Social Work
Brie Campbell Coordinator of Events & Alumni Engagement Little Hall
DeAmbre Adams Communications Specialist I 1025 Little Hall
Lindsey Johnson Events Coordinator 1012 Little Hall
Jackie Harrison Program Specialist 250 Ancillary Services Building
Ruth Pionke Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives Little Hall
School of Law
Josh Bird Manager of Communications School of Law
Strategic Communications
Adam Jones Comm. Specialist Sr./Research Writer 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Alex House Assistant Director, Media Relations 369 Rose Administration Bldg
Alex Pieschel Web Developer 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Alton Maddox Creative Producer/Editor G54 Rose Administration Bldg
Amy Sides Admin. Assistant to the VP for Strategic Communications 171 Rose Administration Bldg
Angela Lewis Office Associate II 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Anita Sears Asst. Director for Design and Production 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Ashley Dancy Web Designer 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Austin Dare Director of Design and Production 117 Rose Administration Bldg
BK Covington Marketing Manager G64 Rose Administration
Brandie Nabors Assistant Director for Marketing G60 Rose Administration Bldg
Brook Powell Marketing Coordinator II G60 Rose Administration/td>
Brook Shirley University Events Coordinator 175 Rose Administration Bldg
Bryan Hester Assistant Director of Photography G69 Rose Administration Bldg
Bryant Welbourne Communications Specialist Senior 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Cathy Butler Manager of Internal Communications 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Chris Largin Assistant Director of Video and Creative Media G54 Rose Administration Bldg
Christine Blakley Presidential Communications Strategist 166e Rose Administration Bldg
David Morris Web Communications Specialist 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Derek Edwards Social Media Specialist II 173 Rose Administration Bldg
Deidre Stalnaker Director of Communications 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Dre Evans Graphic Designer 172 Rose Administration Bldg
Doug Shinholster Graphic Designer Senior 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Emmie Sanders Marketing Coordinator II G60 Rose Administration Bldg
Eryn Watkins Web Developer Rose Administration Bldg
Frances Putman Marketing Manager II 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Glynda McIver Accounting Specialist 172 Rose Administration Bldg
Jane Bailey Cooper Marketing Manager II G62 Rose Administration Bldg
Janie Jenkins (Boswell) Director, University Ceremonies and Events 175 Rose Administration Bldg
Jennifer Brady Communications Specialist II 370 Rose Administration Bldg
Jennifer Rodrigues Director of Brand Strategy 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Jessica Lindsey Open Records and Policy Specialist 350 Rose Administration Bldg
Jonathan Norris Photographer Rose Administration Bldg
Joshua Clayton Graphic Designer 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Justin Beatty Director, Video and Creative Media G54 Rose Administration Bldg
Kaly Glass Graphic Designer 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Kaylee McCool Graphic Designer 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Kiesha Sterling Office Assoicate Senior 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Kyle Fondren Director of Web Strategy 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Laura Braddick Assistant Director of Communications 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Lauren Cook Sr. Graphic Designer 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Madison Cummings Marketing Coordinator II Rose Administration Bldg
Mallori Hudgins Assistant Director of Social Media Strategy 172 Rose Administration Bldg
Matthew McAdams Assistant Director of Web Strategy 350 Rose Administration Bldg
Matthew Wood Photographer Senior G-69 Rose Administration Bldg
Meagan Bennett Executive Director of Opertaions, Chief Collaboration Officer Rose Administration Bldg
Meredith Chism Marketing Strategist G60 Rose Administration Bldg
Mitch Bailey Multimedia Communications Specialist 369 Rose Administration Bldg
Monica Watts Associate Vice President for Communications 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Perry Brown Lead Web Designer Rose Administration Bldg
Rita Doughty University Editor 117 Rose Administration Bldg
Ryan Bradley Vice President for Strategic Communications 171 Rose Administration Bldg
Stephanie Pettis Assistant Director of Communications 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Stephanie Plumb Broadcast Specialist II 166 Rose Administration Bldg
Summer Earle Social Media Specialist 172 Rose Administration Bldg
Tabitha Bostick Director of Marketing G66 Rose Administration Bldg
Thomas Klein Broadcast Producer/Editor Rose Administration Building
Vaishali Pehere Web Developer Rose Administration Building
Zach Riggins Director of Photography G69 Rose Administration Bldg
Student Account Services
Lindsey Graham E-Commerce Operations Manager 104K Student Services Center
Jodie Mize Program Assistantr 105 Student Services Center
Student Involvement
Teneshia Arnold Director 3610 UA Student Center
Jeffrey Lewis Coordinator of Organization Engagement 3610 University of Alabama Student Center
Student Life/Housing and Residential Communities
Cathy Morris Asst. Director for Technology Systems Martha Parham East
Janine McGee Asst. Dir., Off-Campus Resources 133 Martha Parham East
Alicia Browne Director of Housing Administration 1069 R.E. Witt Student Activity Ctr.
Supe Store
Ja’Nasia Goodman Marketing Coordinator 1236 The University of Alabama Student Center
The University of Alabama
Xue “Shirley” Wu Web Application Developer 120A Biology
The University of Alabama Press
Blanche Sarratt Marketing Coordinator 222 McMillan Bldg
JD Wilson Director 218 McMillan Bldg
University of Alabama Museums
Rebecca Johnson Communications Specialist 203B Smith Hall
UA Early College
Katie Neidhardt Assistant Director of Marketing and Recruitment 2200 University Hall
Charles “Chad” Clark Clery Compliance Officer University Police Center
Undergraduate Admissions
Caroline Bennett Publications Specialist 203 Student Services Center
Chad Haynie Assistant Director of Admissions, Campus Visits 203J Student Services Center
Sarah Sides Publications Manager 203Q Student Services Building
Undergraduate Admissions/Customer Relations
Andrew Tucker Assistant Director 203 Student Services Center
Undergraduate Admissions/Enrollment Mngmt.
Amy Hutton Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management 203 Student Services Center
Lacie Nolin Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications 203 Student Services Center
University Libraries
Alyssa Freeman Events Coordinator Gorgas Library/2023
Michael Pearce Director of Strategic Engagement Gorgas Library/207A
University of Alabama Student Center
Tori Gray Assistant Director 3512 University of Alabama Student Center
University Printing
Carrie Burks Senior Graphic Designer 325 Kirkbride Lane
Clay Wisner Technology Services Manager 2020 Printing/Mail Services Bldg.
Jeremy Rich Senior Graphic Designer 325 Kirkbride Lane
Kandi Jackson Graphic Designer Senior 325 Kirkbride Lane
Pam Winters Graphic Production Coordinator 325 Kirkbride Lane
University Programs
Paige Acker Director The University of Alabama Student Center 3504
University Recreation
Colin Hayes Communication Specialist 801 Student Recreation Center
Veteran and Military Affairs
Brad Campbell Assistant Director Houser Hall 3000
Wellness and Work Life
Carolyn MacVicar Manager Employee Research Center
Miranda McKee Coordinator 1017 Employee Resource Center
Coordinator Employee Resource Center
Women and Gender Resource Center
Jackie Northrup Assistant Director 2000 South Lawn Office Building
Amy (Eifler) Martin Creative Services Director N437 Bryant-Denny Stadium
Carter Matthews Account Manager
Kassandra Horton Sales Manager N425 Digital Media Center